used CNC Profile Grinder GLEASON PFAUTER PE 1600 G

manufacturer: PFAUTER
type: PE 1600 G
built: 1997
control:  SINUMERIK 840 C
max. work piece diameter: 1.600 mm

Technichal Equipment/Features

working area:
max. workpiece diameter 1.600 mm
max. radial travel (X-axis) 970 mm
max. tangential travel (Y-axis) 300 mm
max. axial travel (Z-axis) 1.000 mm
max. tread depth 80 mm
grinding spindel swivel angle (A-axis) +/- 45 Grad
max. module 20 mm
workpiece table:  
outer diameter 1.200 mm
bore diameter x depth Ø 300 x 875 mm
max. permissible load 15.000 kg
max. table speed 4,5 1/min
hydrostatic radial bearings  
grinding spindle:  
drive power 24  kW
max. module 20 mm
speed range 1.200 - 8.000 1/min
grinding mandrel ∅ 80  mm
profile grinding wheel max. dimensions 400 x 80 x 127 mm
automatic balancing device  
axis X 3 m/min
axis Y 3 m/min
axis Z 6 m/min
  • Modular design in 1-channel configuration
  • 5 axes + 1 spindle and gear interpolation
  • 19" flat control panel with 10" TFT display
  • 40 Mbyte hard disk capacity
  • Electric override with emergency strategy
  • Incremental measuring systems
  • Digital drive technology
  • operating handset
Gearing software
  • Dialog programming for the automatic generation of part programs for profile
  • Grinding of external gears.
  • Automatic cutting division
  • centering device
  • PFAUTER Software Package "Profile Grinding
  • Gear measurements for involute external gear workpieces
  • The following measurements can be performed:
  • Profile measurement, flank line measurement, Pitch and concentricity testing, tooth width measurement
Machine description and equipment
  • Basic machine PE 1600 G
  • warm-up program
  • Grinding time calculation - integrated
  • NC dressing device with two (2) dressing disks
  • power dressing
  • Software for fault diagnosis
  • Super special accuracy
  • Centre device with touch probe inside of the machine
  • dust exhausting
  • Interlock-controlled grinding in single flank grinding
  • double slanted centre
  • double helical gearing
  • grinding of asymetric flank line modifications
  • Automatic cutting division
  • Gear measurement according to DIN 3961
  • Colour printer interface for input data or measurement evaluations
  • Main column extended (vertical travel 1,000 mm)
  • gear measurement with touch probe
  • Measurement of head and foot circle diameter
  • Workpiece table with separate servo drive and 1-speed double worm gear unit
  • Hardened and ground ball screws with preloaded nuts
  • Full work area cover with pressure relief flap
  • Hoffmann coolant system, tank capacity 2,300 litres, 2 x 150 l/min pump capacity,
  • Coolant cleaning with fine filter (without using filter consumables)
  • Oil recooling system with cooling circuits for the lubricating and cooling lubricant system as well as for the grinding spindle drive
  • Machine without steady rest
dimension, weight:
space requirement ca. 7,5 x 7,3 x 4,0 m
machine weight ca. 17.000 kg
electrical connection values:  
total connected load 80 kVA
operating voltage 400 V
operating frequency 50 Hz
control voltage 24 V DC