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  • Gebrauchte Werkzeugmaschinen - Fleckenstein Machine
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  • Gebrauchte CNC Maschine
  • Gebrauchte CNC Maschine


Our service portfolio

Buying used machine tools is a matter of trust.
With Fleckenstein, you get the full service:

  • Arrangement of financing
  • Modernization / Specifications according to your demands
  • Transport: we take care that the securing of load and transport is done in a proper way
  • Installation and startup procedure: Our specialists take care of the installation at your facility and instruct your employees, if requested

In perfectly cured condition

Before delivery release, each of our machine tools is checked for damages and technical functions.
Only high quality machines in perfect condition leave our warehouse.

Furthermore, with purchasing a machine at Fleckenstein, you win a competent and reliable partner with over 30 years of market experience. If you have any technical questions, we will answer them. If you need support regarding transport and installation, we can handle it for you. In summary, we can take care of every step including the startup procedure.

Contact us - we look forward to hearing from you