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  • Gebrauchte CNC Maschine


used 5-axis machining centre HERMLE C30 U with X-Y-Z 650 x 600 x 500 mm

The  HERMLE C30 U is a 5-axis high-perfomance machining centre with HEIDENHAIN iTNC530. It has 2 axis in the workpiece and 3 axis in the tool.

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used 5-axis boring mill UNION KC 150 with X-Y-Z 4.000x2.500x1.500 mm

The UNION KC 150 is a 5-axis boring mill for the efficient complete machining of larger prismatic workpieces.

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used 5-axis table boring machine UNION TC 150 with X-Y-Z 2.500x2.500x1.500 mm

The UNION TC 150 is a 5-axis table boring machine for the effective multi-sided machining of medium-heavy workpieces.

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used surface and profile grinder blohm planomat hp 412 cnc built 2008

The  surface and Profile Grinder BLOHM PLANOMAT HP 412 CNC  with SINUMERIK 840 D offers automatic grinding cycles for plan, plunge and deep grinding.

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used 5-axis High Speed Machining Centre FIDIA K 199 with FIDIA C 20 control

CNC 5-axis-High-Speed-Machining Centre FIDIA K 199

5-axis Milling Centre for three-dimensional milling on high speed


used gear grinder GLEASON PFAUTER PE 1600 G  workpiece diameter until 1.600 mm

Our gear grinding machine GLEASON PFAUTER PE1600G with Sinumerik 840C control and PFAUTER dialog programm is especially designed for the flexible production of high-quality large gears.

used 5-axis machining centre MATEC 30 HV/K with HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530

The vertical machining center MATEC 30 HV/K enables full 5-sided machining due to its special axis arrangement.
Equipped with a swivelling spindle head and a rotary table integrated in the worktable, it is the ideal machine for complex jobs.

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used horizontal machining centre HÜLLER HILLE nb-h 170 Speed with SINUMERIK 840 D control

Our horizontal Machining Centre HÜLLER HILLE nb-h 170 Speed is equipped with an extended service package.

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used Profile Grinder GLEASON PFAUTER P 2800/3200 G workpiece diameter until 3.000 mm

The profile grinding machine GLEASON PFAUTER P2800/3200 G is suitable for high-quality large gears in SUPER special accuracy.

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