used Rotary Table Grinder ABA MR 1500 ES

manufacturer: ABA
type: MR 1500 ES
built: 2004
control: SINUMERIK 840 D


EXW Kleinostheim

Technical Equipment/Features

grinding area:
rotary table diameter 1.500 mm
distance table surface - grinding spindle centre 1.050 mm
vertical travel (Y-axis) 880 mm
max. height of workpiece 700 mm with new grinding wheel
max. workpiece load ca. 1.500 kg
magnetic disk:  
electro permanent magnetic clamping plate Ø 1.500 mm
ring pole pitch 18 mm
clamping force control 6-stufig
rotary table (B-axis):  
rotary table with torque drive and measuring system make RÜCKLE Mod. PKTD6
table speed 1-100 min-1
hydrostatic table bearing with separate hydrostatic unit make Winkelmann
automatic vertical feed (Y-axis):
resolution 0,001 mm
smallest feed size 0,001 mm
measuring system encoders
max. distance spindle centre - table 1.050 mm
grinding head vertical travel 880 mm
feed 1-3.500 mm/min
electromechanical vertical movement by digital servo motor, backlash-free worm gear and ball screw. Preloaded precision roller guide.
central grease lubrication  
cross feed (Z-axis):
resolution 0,001 mm
smallest feed size 0,001 mm
measuring system encoders
stand cross travel max. 750 mm
cross movement, continuous 5-1.500 mm/min mm
electromechanical transverse movement by digital servo motor, toothed belt and ball screw drive.
Preloaded precision roller guide.
central grease lubrication  
grinding spindle head:
motor - version AC-Motor adjustable
power 44 kW on 1.500-3.000 min-1
adjustable grinding spindle speed 50-3.000 min-1
spindle bearings axial and radial backlash-free
grinding wheel dimensions max. 500 x 100 x 304,8 mm
grinding spindle in block design with roller bearings, preloaded high-precision spindle bearings and permanent grease lubrication, spindle axially and radially preloaded
grinding wheel periphal speed max. 35 m/s
grinding wheel balancing system Fa. MPM  
With TFT colour monitor
MS-Windows user interface module PCU 50 with graphic user guidance
- With digital drives and integrated adaptation control
- CNC user memory 1.5 Mbyte for programs and data
Main memory 256 Mbyte SDRAM
Hard disk 40 GByte, of which 3 Gbyte are freely available for user programs
- MPI interface, USB V 1.1 (1 x external, 1 x internal), Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
Floppy disk drive interface
- User-friendly manual grinding and automatic grinding sequences
- Digital position indicators with large colour screen
- Constant cutting speed control, error messages in clear text
dressing unit

-Electric straight dresser for single grain diamonds.
-Electromechanical break-off movement and infeed.
-Compensation of the dressing amount with the Y-axis.

coolant equipment:
band filter system  
tank capacity 1.000 l
capacity 200 l/min
circulation pump 0,2 bar
coolant pump 1 0,2 bar
coolant pump 2 3,0 bar
lifting pump tank  
tank capacity 200 l
feed pump 400 l/min
installation data:
operating voltage  
frequency 50 Hz
power consumption 130 kVA
nominal current ca. 180 A
backup fuse ca. 200 A
space requirement l x b x h ca. 5,5 x 6,0 x 3,2 m
weight ca. 15.000 kg
-CNC - control SINUMERIK 840 D (modernized in 2011)
-All linear axes with digital servo motors and ball screw
-Rotary table make RÜCKLE in hydrostatic version with torque drive
-Y-axis (vertical) raised by 200 mm
-Grinding spindle drive with 44 kW
-Electrical straight dresser (completely overhauled)
-Band filter system with paper band filter, tank capacity 1,000 l, coolant pump 200 l/min/3 bar
-Full coverage of the working area
-Generously dimensioned workspace door
-Electro-permanent magnetic plate Ø 1,500 mm, ring pole pitch 18 mm
-Automatic grinding wheel balancer MPM
-Complete guarding of the work area with solenoid interlock in automatic mode
-Portable electronic handwheel in automatic and manual mode for all axes
-New Machine lamp in the workspace
-Electrical equipment 400V/50Hz
-Switch cabinet cooling unit
-New painting RAL 7035 (light grey), RAL 5007 (brillant blue)
-Rinsing gun with hose and holder in the operating area
-Extraction for grinding mist
-Machine is geometrically checked, new painted, bearings for grinding spindle renewed,
-all bellows renewed, various wear parts renewed