used Precision -Flat- and Profile Grinder ABA

manufacturer: ABA
type: POWERLINE 1006 CNC
retrofit: 2022
control: SINUMERIK 840 D


Under Power EXW

Offer Data

grinding area:
grinding area max. 1.000 x 600 mm
cross travel (Z-Axis) 540 mm
distance table surface - grinding spindle center max. 600 mm
vertical travel (Y-Axis) 500 mm
max. working height on new grinding wheel 400 mm
workpiece table:  
electro permanent magnetic clamping plate 800 x 500 mm
pole pitch 18 mm
clamping force control 8-steps
table drive (X-axis):
Incremental encoder in the longitudinal axis (X axis)
table speed 2-35.000 mm/min
Electromechanical longitudinal movement by means of digital servo motor, toothed belt and ball screw. Preloaded precision rolling guide size 35
central grease lubrication  
automatic vertical feed (Y-axis):
smallest feed size 0,001 mm
measuring system Glasmaßstab
max. distance spindle centre - table 700 mm
grinding head vertical travel 550 mm
Electromechanical vertical movement by means of digital servo motor, backlash-free worm gear and ball screw. Preloaded precision roller guide size 45
central grease lubrication  
cross feed (Z-axis):
smallest feed size 0,001 mm
measuring system glass scale
column cross travel max. 600 mm
cross movement, continuous 5-5.000 mm/min
cross movement, intermittent 1-95 mm/Impuls
Electromechanical transverse movement by means of digital servo motor, toothed belt and ball screw. Preloaded precision rolling guide size 45
central grease lubrication  
grinding spindle head:
Motor-version AC - motor adjustable
power 18,5 kW on 1.500 min-1
adjustable grinding spindle speed 1.000 - 2.600 min-1
spindle bearing axial und radial spielfrei
Spindel ∅ in front bearing 80 mm
grinding wheel dimension max. 420 x 100 x 127 mm
Grinding spindle with anti-friction bearings in block design with preloaded high-precision spindle bearings and grease permanent lubrication, spindle preloaded axially and radially without backlash.
grinding wheel peripheral speed max. 35 m/s
Dynamic, automatic grinding wheel balancing system Fa. MPM, Typ AB 100
With TFT colour monitor
MS-Windows user interface module PCU 50 with graphic user guidance
- With digital drives and integrated adaptation control
- CNC user memory 1.5 Mbyte for programs and data
- Main memory 256 Mbyte SDRAM
Hard disk 40 GByte, of which 3 Gbyte are freely available for user programs
- MPI interface, USB V 1.1 (1 x external, 1 x internal), Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
Floppy disk drive interface
- User-friendly manual grinding and automatic grinding sequences
- Digital position displays with large color screen
- Graphic-supported input of workpiece data
- Infeed in automatic mode is selectable on one or both sides
- Constant cutting speed control, error messages in clear text
grinding programs:
- Surface grinding
- Plunge grinding
- Profile grinding
- Automatic program sequence with roughing, finishing, fine finishing and burnout
- Multiple plunge-cut grinding for economical production
- Surface grinding with continuous, infinitely programmable cross feed
- Calibration of the grinding wheel (calibrate, backfeed, round corners)
- Face grinding with back pull dressing
- Dressing in grinding cycle with lift-off amount
- Fully automatic compensation of dressing amounts
- Tool management
dressing technology:

Table dresser -straight- TAG:
Dresser fixed on the machine table, roughing and finishing station with dressing tiles are arranged one behind the other, cylindrical dressing of grinding wheels for surface and plunge grinding,
suitable for corundum and silicon carbide grinding wheels, cycle software with input menu

Pre-profiler VPG-150:
incl. diamond roughing wheel width 1.5 mm
For economical pre-profiling (roughing out) of the grinding wheel, profiling unit firmly mounted on the table, suitable for corundum and silicon carbide grinding wheels, CNC dressing cycle for

Table profile dresser TAD:
Suitable for diamond wheel DFR, D = 120, tip radius r = 0.1 - 1mm, flank angle 28°,40°, 60°.
Profile depth max. 20 mm, contour accuracy +/- 0.0025 mm, swivel angle +/- 70°,
profiling in the program by means of graphical operator guidance in 3-D interpolation

installation data:
operating voltage 3∼400/230V
frequency 50 Hz
connecting value 50 kVA
nominal current ca. 70 A
backup fuse ca. 100 A
space requirement  lx w x h ca. 4.000 x 3.000 mm, Höhe 2.900 mm
weight ca. 6.000 kg
equipment and accessories:
- Linear measuring systems in Y- and Z-axis
- All linear axes with digital servo motors and ball screw drive
- Belt filter system with paper belt filter, tank capacity 640 l, coolant pump 200 l/min/4 bar
- Manual coolant nozzles - adjustable
- Automatic working chamber door pneumatically controlled
- Electro-permanent magnetic plate 800 x 500 mm, pendulum pole pitch 18 mm
- Automatic grinding wheel balancing device Fa. MPM
- Full enclosure of the working area in stainless steel partial execution with LED working area lighting
- Manually operated door, safety interlock in automatic mode
- Portable electronic handwheel in automatic and manual mode for all axes
- Three-color signal light
- Electrical equipment 400V/50Hz
- Switch cabinet cooling unit
- Machine feet
- Painting RAL 9002 (grey white), RAL 5010 (gentian blue)
- Rinsing gun with hose and holder in the operating area
- Approx. 5 pcs. grinding wheel flanges

*** Machine prepared for grinding mist suction ***