used CNC-Travelling Column Milling Machine SORALUCE FP 8000

manufacturer: SORALUCE
type: FP 8000
built: 2010
control: HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530

The rigid travelling column milling machine SORALUCE FP-8000 is the ideal machine for efficient complete machining of larger prismatic workpieces that require high precision. Thanks to the integrated 40-ton FIBRO rotary and sliding table with a longitudinal displacement of 2,000mm and a clamping surface of 3.000 x 2.500mm, as well as the orthogonal milling head with 4.000 rpm,  32kW and a pitch of 1°x1°, even heavy components can be easily machined from five sides.   A fully automatic milling head changing system, equipped with a 900mm spindle extension and a D'Andrea boring head UT5-630, enables even complex special applications such as the internal machining of cylinders or the turning of sealing surfaces. A self-traveling tool magazine with 40 magazine positions, a 3D measuring probe and a coolant system with belt filter complete the features of this exceptionally well-equipped SORALUCE FP-8000 machine.


Technical Equipment/Features

Longitudinal movement (X-axis) 8.000 mm
Transverse movement (Y-axis) 1.500 mm
Vertical movement (Z-axis) 2.600 mm


NC –Rotary sliding table, Fabr. FIBRO  
Clamping surface 3.000 x 2.500 mm
V-Axis (translational movement) 2.000 mm
Max. workpiece load 40.000 kg


Floor plate
Clamping surface 4.500 x 2.000 mm
Max. workpiece load 10.000 kg/m²


Feeds & rapid traverse  
X-, Y- und Z-Axis, stepless 2 - 20.000 mm/min
Rapid traverse in X / Y / Z Achse 35 m/min


Automatic tool changer ATC
Tool places 40 Plätze
Max .Tool diameter 125/250 mm
Max. Tool length 400 mm
Max. Tool weight 20 kg
Change positions Horizontal / Vertical
Tool changer mounted at the column side and travelling together with the spindle.


Coolant system with chip conveyor
  • Coolant outlet at the front of the milling head via manually swiveling nozzles
  • Internal coolant supply through the spindle center
  • Tank volume approx. 1,500 l
  • Normal coolant supply 25 l/min 5 bar
  • High pressure pump for internal coolant 20 l/min 15 bar
  • Coolant tank incl. magnetic separator and paper belt filter
  • Hinged belt chip conveyor along the X - axis of the machine
  • 1 cross conveyor on the right side
Equipment & Accessories
  • Machine bed, column and vertical saddle as cast iron construction, heat-treated for stress relieve
  • Milling slide as cast iron construction, heat-treated for stress-relieve
  • Universal milling head, positioning via Hirth toothing, front plane 1°, rear plane 1° - changeable automatically *Milling head was overhauled by the manufacturer*
  • Facing head D'Andrea UT 5 - changeable automatically
  • spindle extension L = 950 mm - changeable automatically
  • oil cooling unit for cooling of milling spindle motor and milling head
  • spindle drive 32 kW
  • spindle speed max. 4.000 min-1
  • Axis drives by means of precision ball screw spindles and digital servo motors
  • 3-D measuring touch probe system with radio transmission
  • CNC control HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 incl. digital drive technology
  • Portable electric handwheel HEIDENHAIN HR 410
  • Travelling operator platform
  • Automatic tool changer with 40 magazine positions, change position horizontal/vertical
  • Coolant system with external shower ring and IKZ through the spindle, magnetic separator and paper belt filter
  • 1 pc. chip conveyor lengthwise in the working area, 1 pcs. cross conveyor on the right side
  • Precision linear guides in all axes
  • Precision ball screws in all axes
  • Direct measuring system in all axes
  • Hydraulic counterbalance in the vertical axis
  • Telescopic steel cover of the X-axis
  • Milling slides closed at the top and bottom of the vertical axis with rolling belts
  • FIBRO rotary transfer table, clamping surface 3.000 x 2.500 mm
  • 40.000 kg workpiece weight
  • 1 pc. panel field 4.500 x 2.000 x 300 mm
  • 1 pc. pick-up station for automatic milling head change
  • Milling head, spindle extension and D'Andrea facing head are automatically changed in and out via CNC program
  • Air conditioning for electrical cabinet
  • hydraulic system
  • workspace lighting
  • Painting RAL 7035 grey white/RAL 5011 steel
  • Operating hours: Machine ON approx. 31,000 h, program run approx. 12,000 h

Further detailed technical information please find in our data sheet.