used CNC Profile Gear Grinder GLEASON PFAUTER P 2000 G

manufacturer: GLEASON PFAUTER
type: P 2000 G
built: 2000
control: SINUMERIK 840 C
nominal workpiece diameter: 2.000 mm


EX location

Technical Equipment/Features

working area:
nominal workpiece diameter 2.000 mm
max.  radial travel (X-axis) 1.220 mm
max.  tangential travel (Y-axis) 300 mm
max. axial travel (Z-axis) 1.000 mm
lowest grinding wheel position above table 470 mm
max. profile depth 80 mm
grinding spindle swivel angel (A-axis) +/- 45 degrees
workpiece table:  
external diameter 1.460 mm
bore diameter x depth Ø 506 x 898 mm
max. permitted load 20.000 kg
max. table speed 5 min-1
hydrostatic radial bearing
axial slide bearing
autom. hydraulic table balance
grinding spindle drive, grinding wheel:  
drive power 24 kW
speed range 1.200 - 6.000 min-1
grinding arbor-Ø 80 mm
profile grinding wheel max. dimension 400 x 80 x 127 mm
integrated automatic balancing device  
steady rest diameter min./max. 80/500 mm
carriage travel 900 mm
tip-Ø max. 115 mm
position above table min./max. 926/1.826 mm
dressing unit:  
feed 2.400 mm/min
speed 2.000-8.000 min-1
dressing wheel diameter max. 130 mm
feeds and rapid traverse:
axis X 3 m/min
axis Y 5 m/min
axis Z 6 m/min
dimension, weight:
space required approx. l x w x h 12 x 6 x 5 m
machine weight approx. 27.000 kg
electrical connections:  
total connected load approx. 80 kVA
operating voltage 400 V
operating frequency 50 Hz
control voltage 24 V DC
CNC-control SINUMERIK 840 C:

- Modular design in 1-channel configuration
- 5 axes + 1 spindle and gear interpolation
- 19" flat operating panel with 10" TFT display
- 40 Mbyte hard disk capacity
- Electrical clearance with emergency strategy
- Incremental measuring systems
- Network connection (Ethernet)
- Digital drive technology
- Mobile handwheel

gear cutting software:

-Dialog software for automatic generation of part programs
for profile grinding of external gears
- Data protection (Backup/Restore)
- Data import/export
- Pitch jump compensation
- Warm up program
- Offline version
- Integrated grinding time calculation
- Automatic cut distribution
- Interlock-controlled grinding during single flank grinding
- Grinding of double helical gears
- Double helical centering
- Gear measurements for involute external toothed workpieces
The following measurements can be performed:
Profile measurement, flank line measurement,
Pitch and concentricity test, tooth width measurement
- Measurement evaluation by area
- Printing of input data
- Printing of measurement results

Machine description and equipment:

- Basic machine P2000G
- NC dressing device with two dressing spindles and additional feed axis
- Software for fault diagnosis
- Network connection (Ethernet)
- Centering device with touch probe
- Inkjet printer (colored)
- Oil mist extraction system
- External grinding head with 24kW and 6,000 rpm
- Pitch jump compensation
- Warm-up program
- Integrated grinding time calculation
- Automatic cutting division
- Interlock-controlled grinding during single flank grinding
- Special software for double helical gears
- Special software double helical centering
- Gear measurement
- Workpiece table with separate servo drive and 1-speed double worm gear
- Hardened and ground ball screws with preloaded nuts
- Full coverage of the working area
- Coolant and filtration system make Hoffmann, 32kW,
tank capacity 3,000 litres, 2 x 200 l/min pump capacity,
Coolant cleaning with fine filter (without using filter consumables)
- Oil recooling system with cooling circuits for the lubricant
and coolant system and for the grinding spindle drive
- Fixed tailstock column
- Tailstock with steady rest, movable hydraulically
- Adapter for steady rest with tailstock tip
- shown clamping arbor and additional table plate are not included in the scope of delivery