used Gear Hobbing Machine GLEASON PFAUTER GENESIS 130 H

manufacturer: GLEASON PFAUTER
type: GENESIS 130 H
built: 2006
control: SIEMENS 840 D



Technical Equipment / Features

working range:
max. work piece diameter 130 mm
max. radial travel (X-Axis) 160 mm
max. tangential travel (Y-axis) 220 mm
max. axial travel (Z-axis) 350 mm
max. travel counter support (Z4-axis) 350 mm
milling head swivelling angle +/- 45 deg
workpiece table:  
outer diameter 200 mm
clamping diameter 150 mm
inner bore 45 mm
max. table speed 1.000 min-1
milling head:  
power 11,5 kW
max. modul 3 mm
max. milling speed 4.000 min-1
max. crown circle diameter of cutter 100 mm
max. cutter length 317 mm
max. cutter length (teethed) 240 mm
feed and rapid traverse:
Axis X 20 m/min
Axis Y 10 m/min
Axis Z 7 m/min
dimensions & weight:  
required space ca. 3,1 x 2,3 x 2,9 m
machine weight ca. 9.500 kg
electrical supply data:
total connected load 48 kVA
operating voltage 400 V
operating frequency 50 Hz
control voltage 24 V DC
wire cross section 35 mm2
fuse 125 A
  • designed for dry machining
  • hydraulic power unit
  • magnetic belt conveyor
  • exhausting unit make REVEN
  • heat exchanger for hydraulic oil temperature control system (without cooler unit)
  • counterholder with lowering equipment and vertical adjustability
  • swivelling ring loader with pickup unit (without conveyor belt)
  • deburring unit