used CNC Generating Gear Grinder

manufacturer: REISHAUER
type: RZ 400
built: 2008
control: SINUMERIK 840 D

Our gear grinding machine RZ400 from Swiss premium manufacturer REISHAUER is a CNC-controlled gear grinding machine, which works according to the continuous generating grinding method with dressable, cylindrical grinding worms.
It is equipped with a counterholder and a NC tailstock with maximum center distance of 640mm for clamping shaft-shaped workpieces.
The two-spindle controlled RP160-2 dresser with 1.4 kW power is used for precise dressing of the mounted grinding wotrm wheels.
This very well maintained machine with only approx. 10,000 h operating hours from 2008 can machine spur and helical gears as well as spur shafts with cylindrical, crowned and conical (beveloid) external gears in highest precision.


Technical Equipment/Features

Working area  
Nominal workpiece diameter 400 mm
Tip width with fixed standard tips 60 - 700 mm
Max. Workpiece weight 300 kg
Number of teeth 5 - 999
Max. Radial travel (X-Axis) 490 mm
Max. Tangential travel (Y-Axis) 220 mm
Max. Tooth width 300 mm Max. axial travel (Z-Axis)
Module range gear grinding 0,2* - 8 mm *) depending on geometry
Helix angle (A-Axis) +/- 45 °


Worm grinding wheel  
Outer diameter Ø 205 - 300 mm
Max. Width 145 mm
Bore diameter 160 mm H7
Number of flights of the grinding worm 1 - 5
Max. Pitch 32 mm


Feeds & rapid traverse  
X axis (Infeed worm grinding wheel) 15.000 mm/min
Y axis (Shift axis) 5.000 mm/min
Z1 axis (axial travel worm grinding wheel) 5.000 mm/min
A-Axis 50 °/s


Equipment & Accessories

  • Basic machine REISHAUER RZ 400 with control Siemens Sinumerik 840D
  • REISHAUER operating software
  • Counterholder with tailstock center
  • Automatic balancing system make REISHAUER VM24RZ
  • Electronic handwheel on control panel
  • Coolant and filtration unit HOFFMANN
  • Seperate profile dressing system in two disc design
  • Exhaust system including fume seperator
  • Hydraulic- and pneumatic unit
  • Full enclosure of working area
  • Machine light
  • CO2 fire extinguishing system by Kraft +Bauer (without CO2 bottle)
  • All axes and spindle drives in digital technology SIMODRIVE 611 D
  • 1 pc. basic clamping pot
  • 1 pc. Adapter for König clamping system
  • 1 pc. calibration arbor
  • No grinding wheel arbor or flange included
  • Power ON approx 40.600 h / Working hours only approx 10.000 h

Further detailed technical information please find in our data sheet.