used CNC-Gear Grinding Center

manufacturer: KAPP NILES
type: KX 500 FLEX
built: 2009
control: SINUMERIK 840 D

The KX 500 FLEX gear grinding machine from German manufacturer KAPP NILES is designed for both generating and profile grinding of gears and pinions. It can process workpieces up to a diameter of Ø 500mm and a length of max. 1,000mm.
The machine is equipped with a rotary indexing table on which the tailstock, an NC dressing device and the workpiece spindle are mounted. It has a robot interface for automatic loading, but it can also be loaded manually if necessary.


Technical Equipment/Features

Working area  
Nominal workpiece diameter 500 mm
Max. Workpiece length 1.000 mm
Max. Radial travel (X-axis) 525 mm
Max. Tangential travel (Y-axis) 250  mm
Max. Tooth width  (Z-axis) 520 mm   Max axial travel
Module range gear grinding 1,0 - 8 mm
Module range profile grinding 0,5 - 12 mm
Grinding spindle swivel angel (A-axis) +/- 45 degrees


Rotary indexing table CRT

Equipped with:

  • Profile dresser fab. GSN for profile dressing grinding wheels and grinding worms (B3 axis)
  • dressing ruler for head dressing of grinding worms
  • workpiece spindle (C-axis)
  • Counterholder with vertical movable NC-tailstock
Driving range 270 °
Max. Swivel speed 210 °/s


Grinding spindle (B-Axis)
Max. Speed 7.500 1/min
Max. Dimension grinding wheel Ø 320
Integrated autom. balancing device Make DITTEL


Profile-Dressing unit GMN TSE 100cg (B3-Axis)  
Power 1,25 kW  (S1)
Speed 6000 min-1
Diameter dressing wheel 100 mm
Dresser in single roll design  


Feeds & rapid traverse
X-Axis 20.000 mm/min
Y-Axis 10.000 mm/min
Z-Axis 10.000 mm/min
A-Axis 50  °/s


Dimension & Weight
Space requirement approx. l x w x h 6,8 x  5,3 x 3,2 m
Machine weight approx. 11.200 kg


Connection data
Total connected load approx. 80 kVA
Operating voltage 400 V
Operating frequency 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC


Equipment & Accessories

  • Basic machine KX 500 FLEX with control Siemens Sinumerik 840D und NC tailstock
  • Modem connection (analog)
  • Automation interface (hardware + software) for robot loading
  • Cooling lubricant system (HOFFMANN type HSF 150) with oil mist suction system
  • Automatically opening and closing loading door
  • Automatically opening and closing work area door
  • Preparation of the machine for the use of an attachment spindle
  • Dressing device for profile grinding wheels and grinding worms
  • Separate head dressing
  • Automatic balancing unit make DITTEL
  • Measuring device for external gears
  • Swiveling measuring probe holder
  • Gear measuring sytem
  • Fume separator incl. exhaust system
  • Full enclosure of the working area
  • Electronic operating handset
  • Machine light
  • All axes and spindle in digital drive technology SIMODRIVE 611 D
  • Machine operating hours: ca. 31.500 h