CNC Boring- and Milling Machine CASTEL GREEN

manufacturer: CASTEL
type: GREEN
built: 1997
control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 430
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Technichal Equipment / Features

X-axis, lateral movement table 2.100 mm
Y-axis, vertical movement spindle unit 1.500 mm
Z-axis, longitudinal movemet column 1.000 mm
W-axis, movement quill 500 mm
working spindle:  
quill diameter 110 mm
spindle taper DIN 6987140 ISO 50
spindle power 22 kW
spindle speed 2.000 min-1
pull stud form DIN 69871
no. of gear steps 2
max. workpiece weigth 4.000 kg
clamping size 1.100 x 1.300 mm
automatic positioning 360 x 0,001°
feed range X-Y-W-Z axis 0-10.000 mm/min
rapid feed X-Y- W-Z-axis 10.000 mm/min
total weight 23.000 kg
Length x Width x Height 7,1 x 6,5 x 3,7 m
support bearing
manual milling head
coolant tank with pump