used floor type boring and milling machine PAMA SPEEDRAM 2

manufacturer: PAMA
type: SPEEDRAM 2
built: 2002
control: SINUMERIK 840 C
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Technichal Equipment / Features

working area:
X-Axis, lateral movement column 11.000 mm
Y--Axis, vertical movement spindle unit 2.800 mm
Z-Axis, longitudinal movement RAM 900 mm
W-Axis, movement quill 800 mm


machining unit:  
in hydrostatic design  
cross section RAM 360 x 400 mm
RAM movement (Z-axis) 900 mm
spindle diameter 150 mm
spindle movement  (W-axis) 800 mm
spindle taper (short taper acc. to DIN 69871) ISO 50
spindle power S1 (100%) 60 kW
max. torque at spindle 2.900 Nm at 195 U/min
spindle speed range 6-3.000 U/min, 2 gear steps
max. feed 15.000 mm/min


floor plates: 2 piece
floor plates area (2 pc.) 4.000 x 2.500 mm, thickness 300 mm
max. workpiece load 15.000 kg/m2


feed and speed range:
max. feed range for X-axis 20.000 mm/min
max. feed force for X- an Y-axis 30.000 N
max. feed range for Y- and Z- axis 15.000 mm/min
max. feed force for Z-axis 25.000 N
rapid traverse for X-axis 20.000 mm/min
rapid traverse for Y- and Z-axis 15.000 mm/min
design features:
Slide for column with hydrostatic guideways on low-friction guideway plates. Drive system with Servomotor, Duplex-Pinions and Gear Rack. The pinions are pretensioned hydraulically for zero axial play.
Spindle unit
The high-precision RAM, made of meehanite cast iron in a rectangular shape, slides on hydrostatic wedge bars machined directly into the head unit. Inside the RAM runs - axially on bronze bearings - the boring quill. It is supported by front and rear angular contact ball bearings in high precision design.
tool magazine:
type chain magazine
number of tools 90
data of electrical installation:
operating voltage 3-400/230 V
frequency 50 Hz
power requirement 195 kVA
total power consumption 125 kW
space requirement and weight:
total footprint 16 x 7,7 x 5,5 m
total weight ca. 50 t
total power consumption 125 kW

Chip conveyor between floor plates and X-bed
Operator platform moving vertically
Tool magazine with manipulator, 90 positions
Tool breakage and wear monitoring (ARTIS)
Pick-up station  for speed milling head
Axial speed milling head MG4, SK50, 13kW, i = 1:4 , M_max = 405Nm, U_max = 8,000 rpm