Spotting Press REIS ROBOTICS

manufacturer: REIS ROBOTICS
type: TUS130-200
built: 2016
control: SIMATIC C7-635 SPS
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Technichal Equipment / Features

working area:
passage between columns 1.360 mm
max. mold height 1.700 mm
clamping surface 1.300 x 1.600 mm
pressing force 2.000 kN
stroke of ram (vertically) 1.800 mm
travel of tilting table (horizontally) 1.700 mm
max. load on tilting table 60 kN
clamping tables:  
max. load of swing plate 6.000 kg
max. load of tilting table (tilted) 7.500 kg
number and spacing of T-slots 3 x 125 mm
size and shape of T-slots Gr. 22 DIN 650
max. mold weight 12.000 kg
ejector in the working table:  
max. ejector force 56 kN
Ø of the ejector 55 mm
stroke 160 mm
The force of the ejector cylinder is infinitely variable
traversing speeds:
closing speed 50 mm/s
opening speed 50 mm/s
carriage speed 200 mm/s
swivelling speed 180 mm/s
tilting speed 100 mm/s
control SIEMENS SIMATIC C7-635:
basic menu
language selection
display of setpoint/actual values
service menu
shape protection (option)
service functions
dimension, weight, connected load:
L x W x H 4,9 x 2,8 x 5,6 m
weight approx. 19.000 kg
total connected load 23 kVA
nominal current 63 A
operating voltage 400 V
frequency 50 Hz

- basic machine
- 4-column guide Ø 160mm
- hydraulic system, tank capacity 475 l
- ram hold-up device
-  180° swivelling device
- positioning control with digital measuring device, measuring length 2.000 mm
- press force increased 2.000kN
- ejector, centrically arranged in the table, stroke 160 mm
- tilting table +/-60°
- 2 control nits for cylinders/hydraulic core pulls (2 circuits)
the pressure of the circuits is infinitely variable. It is displayed digitally.
- installation  height extended 300 mm
- drainage curve for swing plate
- control panel with operating panel, touch display and machine control panel
- control cabinet
- machine lights for optimum illumination of the extended mold halves
- safety guard with safety doors
- injection unit can be retrofitted