used Surface Grinder GER S-150/80

manufacturer: GER Maquinas Herramienta SL
type: S-150/80
built: 2002
control: FAGOR NV 300G
EXW Kleinostheim

Technical Equipment/Features

grinding range:
max. grinding length 1.500 mm
max. grinding width 900 mm
max. distance table to spindle center 900 mm
max. table load (on table) 2.000 kg
Magnet clamping plate:  
clamping surface 1.500 x 800 mm
height (approx.) 80 mm
design cross pole pith
pole pitch 6/20 mm
X-Axis - table longitudinal movement:  
work piece table Meehanite cast iron
guide system V-Prism & flat guides
guideways turcite coated
table clamping size 1.500 x 800 mm
trave distance max. 1.660 mm
drive system hydraulisch
grinding stroke adjustment manual by sliding parts
table feed rate 2-25 m/min
Z-Axis - cross adjustment of the grinding wheel:
cross slide Meehanite cast iron
guide system V-Prism & flat guides
guideways turcite coated
travel distance max. 800 mm
drive system Electro-mechanic: threaded spindle with polyphase induction motor
measuring system encoder
handwheel resolution 0,01 mm
table reversal incremental feed 0,6-60 mm
rapid traverse max. 2.000 mm/min
Y-Axis - vertical adjustment of the grinding wheel:
grinding  column Meehanite cast iron
guide system V-Prism & flat guides
travel 660 mm
automatic feed 0,002-0,1 mm
drive system Electro-mechanic: precision threaded spindle with polyphase induction motor
measuring system direct, glass scale
minimum automatic feed increment 0,001 mm
automatic vertical feed 0,002-0,1 mm
feed rate max. 200 mm/min.
straight dressing unit:
positioning mounted above the headstock
dressing width 140 mm
diamond feed travel 110 mm
dresser diamont 1,25 Karat
incl. dressing compensation
grinding spindle head:
motor-design three-phase current asynchronous motor
power 18,5 kW
grinding spindle speed 1.000 min-1
max. peripheral speed 32 m/s
spindel bearing axial and radial backlash free
grinding wheel dimension 500 x 100 x 203 mm
Spindle supported on life greased, high-precision EP7 angular contact bearings (Two on the rear and four on the front)  
control FAGOR NV 300G

General description
Modular design with central unit, monitor and control panel. Display of vertical axis position.
• Control panel with numerical keyboard and screen operation.
• 2 independent programmable axes with the programmable parameters::
o traverse limits
o roughing depth
o Finishing depth
o quantity of excess material
o number of burnout strokes
o Retract position
o Machining depth between dressing passes
o Dressing pass
o Percentage of wheel wear
o Compensation for wheel holder sag
o Compensation for lead screw backlash
• Customized machine control panel, electromagnetic table control, grinding head on/off, mode selection (square, continuous, manual), cross feed adjustment

Digital interface
• - Outputs 24V
• - Operator display for machining (roughing)
• - Operator display machining (finishing)
• - Dressing command
• - End of firing
• - +/- transverse axis limits- Inputs
• - Reset axes
• - Firing passes

dimensions, weight, connected load:
lenght x width x height 6 x 4,4 x 3,5 m
weight ca. 15.000 kg
total connected load 38 kW
operating voltage 400 V
• Electromagnetic table 1.500x800mm
• Wet grinding device with coolant tank, tank capacity 250l, coolant pump, capacity 80 l\min,
splash water protection, cooling nozzle with holder
• Universal paper filter device, filter paper width 710mm, cleaning capacity 100l\min.
• Straight dressing unit
• Internal flushing with spray gun
• 1 pc. grinding wheel flange