horizontal boring and milling machine UNION TC 130

manufacturer: UNION
type: TC 130
built: 2004 / 2022
control: HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530


Machine available ex warehouse

Technichal Equipment / Features

working area:
X-Axis, table cross adjustment 2.500 mm
Y-Axis, vertical adjustment headstock 2.000 mm
Z-Axis, longitudinal adjustment table 1.500 mm
W-Axis, movement quill 750 mm
B-Axis, table rotary adjustment 360 Grad
B-Axis, positioning 360.000 x 0,001°
headstock with main spindle:  
Ø quill 130 mm
Fixed spindle throat, length 370 mm
Fixed spindle throat, diameter 280 mm
smallest distance, leading edge spindle to table center 605  mm
Lowest position above table surface 0 mm
tool holder (short taper acc. to DIN 69871) ISO 50
drive power S1 (100%) / S2 (30min) 37/51 Nm
Max. torque at spindle 2.415 Nm
Spindle speed range 5-3.000 min-1
1st gear stage 5-782 min-1
2nd gear stage 783-3.000 min-1
NC-Rotary Table:  
Clamping surface 1.600 x 2.000 mm
Center hole in table 100 mm H6
table load (max.150mm except table m.) 10.000 kg
T-slot width 28 mm
T-slot distance 160 mm
holding torque B-axis 30.000 Nm
positionability 360.000 x 0,001°
feeds and rapid traverse:
Max. feed range for X-, Y-, Z- and W-Axis 6.000 mm/min
max. feed force 25.000 N
Rapid traverse for all linear Axes 15.000 mm/min
max. B axis working torque 10.000 Nm
rapid traverse B axis 3 min-1


tool magazine:
Type chain magazine
Number of magazine spaces 40
max. Ø without free auxiliary places 125 mm
max. Ø with free auxiliary places 250 mm
max. tool length 500 mm
max. tool weight 30 kg
max. permissible weight of all tools 700 kg
max. tilting moment 50 Nm
design features:

Backlash-free ball screws in all linear axes
Direct, absolute measuring systems in all axes, make HEIDENHAIN

Machine bed
Wide, heavily ribbed steel construction, 4-lane bed
Preloaded compact roller linear guides for backlash-free guiding of the slides
Bed and column are rigidly connected

Machine column
Solid ribbed cast iron column in box construction
Preloaded compact roller linear guides for backlash-free guiding of the headstock
Complete enclosure on the column for headstock vertical adjustment

Headstock / Drilling spindle
Rigid cast iron construction
Bearing of the spindle system with preloaded precision angular contact ball bearings with
lifetime lubrication mounted in preloaded fixed spindle projection
Automatic switching of the two speed series via primary gearing with hardened
gears and oil cooling
Power transmission to the boring spindle through low-noise precision V-ribbed belts
Nitride-hardened, precision-balanced drilling spindle, axially adjustable, positionable at any angle
and protected against chips and coolant by a spindle labyrinth

Table group
Cross-sliding and rotating clamping table in cast iron design with preloaded compact roller linear guides with high rigidity for longitudinal and transverse adjustment, together with headstock vertical adjustment guarantee stick-slip-free circular interpolation.
Rotary table with low-friction, hydrodynamic sliding guide with plastic coating. Backlash-free rotary table adjustment (B axis) with optimized double pinion drive. Table bearing with a radial and axial precision roller bearing.
Table underside with plastic-coated sliding guide.
Hydraulic segment clamping

installation data:
operating voltage 3-400/230 V
frequency 50 Hz
connected load 90 kVA
connected current 146 A
backup fuse 160 A
cross section of the supply line 4x70 mm2


machine dimensions:
L x W x H ca. 8.160 x 6.960 x 3.700 mm
total weight ca. 30.000 kg
scope of retrofit:
• New ball screws in X, Y, Z and W axis
• New guide rails and roller shoes in X, Y, Z and W axis
• Tool changer and magazine overhauled
• New spindle and quill bearings
• Tool clamping unit overhauled at the factory
• Measuring systems cleaned, checked and partially replaced by new components
• Machine completely checked mechanically and electrically
• Largely new cables
• New energy guiding chains
• Telescopic covers overhauled
• Bellows in the vertical axis new
• New machine coating in two-layer structure with oil-resistant and abrasion-resistant two-component paints
additional scope of supply:
• CNC drilling and milling machine with spindle Ø 130mm in horizontal execution
• tool magazine with 40 places and automatic tool changer
• 3 pcs. chip conveyor
• sump pump
• Work area protection paneling in partially open design, chip and coolant protection elevated in the operating area
• Belt filter system for coolant with two cooling circuits