used CNC Vertical Machining Centre UNISIGN UNIVERS 6

manufacturer: UNISIGN
type: UNIVERS 6
built: 2006
travels X-Y-Z: 3.000 x 800 x 600 mm
control: SINUMERIK 840 D


EX location

Technical Equipment / Features

working area:  
size clampine table 1 850 x 1.500 mm
size clamping table 2 850 x 1.200 mm
table load max. 1.000 kg
tables height-adjustable 3 x 65 mm  
X-axis (longitudinal) 3.000 mm
Y-axis (lateral) 800 mm
Z-axis (vertical) 600 mm
X-, Y- and Z-axis, stepless 5-32.000 mm/min.
max. feed power X- and Y-axis 10.000 N
max. feed power Z-axis 16.000 N
rapid in X/Y/Z 32 m/min
working spindle:  
AC-main drive - water cooled  
power, S6-60% ED 26 kW
gear steps 2
speed, stepless 30-6.000 1/min
max. torque 40% ED 650 Nm
tool taper SK 50 - DIN 69871 Form A
spindle diameter in front bearing 90 mm
max. boring capacity 100 mm
max. diameter rigid tapping M 40
max. milling power 600 cm3/min
tool changer:  
travelling tool magazine placed on portal column  
tool places on travelling magazine 52 Plätze
additional tool magazine 83 Plätze
tool change time in spindle ca. 5 sec
chip to chip time ca. 9 sec
too diam.  max. 180/120 mm
bridge tools max. 250 x 180 mm
tool length max. 400 mm
tool weight max. 15 kg
tool swivelling system for providing tools from the magazine in a horizontal position for automatic insertion in angle-, boring- and milling head  

Combined with digital drive control, hard disk storage,15“ TFT – color screen,

1 Gbyte hard disc, external machine control panel, QWERTY-full keyboard, standard drilling and milling cycles, threading without compensation chuck, linear interpolation, circular interpolation,  processing level swivel, helical curve etc. Siemens tool management for managing tools and tool magazine, program input while editing, spindle power display, electronical handheld terminal, USB-interface, UNISIGN diagnostic system.
chip conveyor
- installed longitudinally below the table
- ejection right
- discharge high ca. 1.200 mm
- integrated coolant tank with lifting pump
Angle Boring- and Milling head:  
Angle Boring- and Milling head, automatic changing over Pick Up Station  
automatic positioning 72 x 5°
speed, stepless 30-4.000 min-1
max. torque 40 % ED 650 Nm
power 40% ED 26 kW
measurement, weight:  
floor space without swith cabinet ca. 8,0 x 4,5 m
machine height ca. 4,5 m
machine weight ca. 20.000 kg
  • Complete enclosure
  • Radio touch probe manufacturer M&H
  • Angle milling head incl. Pick Up Station
  • Coolant equipment with 2 coolant circuits and internal coolant through spindle
  • Chip conveyor
  • Cooling unit for spindle
    div. tool tapers SK 50