used CNC-Travelling Column Milling Machine ANAYAK HVM-8000-PC

manufacturer: ANAYAK
type: HVM-8000-PC
built: 2007
control: HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530

The very robust ANAYAK HVM-8000 traveling column milling machine with a Heidenhain iTNC530 control impresses with its proven Anayak design with fixed distance between column and spindle axis. The moving column concept, in which the transverse movement is performed by the column, does not require a contoured foundation. The machine features an orthogonal milling head with 28kW power, ZF gearbox, 4,000 rpm and 1° x 1° pitch. Even heavy workpieces with weights up to 15,000 kg/m² can be placed on the rigid attachment table with clamping surface 8,000x1,200mm.The long travel in the X-axis of 7,300mm is realized via a toothed rack and two pre-stressed pinions. A travelling tool magazine with 40 magazine positions, a 3D measuring probe and a coolant system with belt filter and high-pressure cooling through the spindle complete the equipment package of this very nice ANAYAK HVM-8000 milling machine.


Technical Equipment/Features

Longitudinal movement (X-axis) 7.300 mm
Transverse movement (Y-axis) 1.500 mm
Vertical movement (Z-axis) 2.000 mm


Clamping table  
Clamping surface 8.000 x 1.200 mm
Max. workpiece weight 15.000 kg/m²
T-slot number x size 9 x  22 mm   Distance 130 mm


Feeds & rapid traverse  
X-, Y- und Z-Axis, stepless 2 - 10.000 mm/min
Rapid traverse in X / Y / Z Achse 20  m/min


Orthogonal indexable milling head  
Swivel range front/rear plane 1°/1°    360x1° / +/- 135°
Power at S1/S6 ED 28/38 kW
Speed range, stepless 40 - 4.000 mm  min-1
Max.  Torque 2.240 Nm
Tool holder SK 50 - DIN 69871-B
ZF - Gearbox 2 steps


Automatic tool changer ATC
Tool places 40  pockets
Max .Tool diameter 125/250 mm
Max. Tool length 400 mm
Max. Tool weight 20 kg
Change positions Horizontal / Vertical


Coolant system with chip conveyor
  • Coolant outlet at the front of the milling head via manually swiveling nozzles
  • Internal coolant supply through the spindle center
  • Tank volume approx.  350 l with oil skimmer
  • Normal coolant supply 30 l/min 5 bar
  • High pressure pump for internal coolant 23 l/min 19 bar
  • Coolant tank incl. paper belt filter
  • Hinged belt chip conveyor along the X - axis of the machine including coolant tank
Equipment & Accessories
  • Machine bed, column and vertical saddle as cast iron construction, heat-treated for stress relieve
  • Milling slide as cast iron construction, heat-treated for stress-relieve
  • Universal milling head, positioning via Hirth toothing, front plane 1°, rear plane 1° - changeable automatically 
  • oil cooling unit for cooling of  ZF main gearbox
  • spindle drive 28/38kW
  • spindle speed max. 4.000 min-1
  • Axis drives by means of  gear rack or precision ball screw spindles and digital servo motors
  • 3-D measuring touch probe system
  • CNC control HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 incl. digital drive technology
  • Portable electric handwheel HEIDENHAIN HR 410
  • Travelling operator platform with second CNC control HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530
  • Automatic tool changer with 40 magazine positions, change position horizontal/vertical
  • Coolant system with external shower ring and IKZ through the spindle
  • 1 pc. chip conveyor lengthwise in the working area
  • Precision linear guides in all axes
  • Precision ball screws in all axes
  • Direct measuring system in all axes
  • Hydraulic counterbalance in the vertical axis
  • Telescopic steel cover of the X-axis
  • Milling unit closed with link aprons at the top and bottom of the vertical axis
  • Air conditioning for electrical cabinet
  • Hydraulic system
  • Workspace lighting
  • Approx operating hours: Machine ON approx. 50,000 h, program run approx. 28,000 h

Further detailed technical information please find in our data sheet.