used CNC Lathe BOEHRINGER VDF 250 Cm

manufacturer: BOEHRINGER
type: VDF 250 Cm
built: 1997



Technical Equipment / Features

working area:  
swing Ø over cover 550 mm
swing Ø over cross slide 480 mm
axial travel (X-axis) 405 mm
longitudinal travel (Z-axis) 1.099 mm
max. turning length 1.000 mm
number of seats 12 piece
tool holder VDI 50 DIN 698800
driven tools No
spindle head size 8 DIN 55026
diameter front bearing 150 mm
spindle bore 103 mm
max. chuck diameter 315 mm
max. drive power, 50% ED 53 kW
max. torque 780 Nm
speed range 30-3.000 min-1
cross slide (X-axis) 10.000 mm/min
longitudinal slide (Z-axis) 10.000 mm/min
rapid traverse X-axis 10 m/min
rapid traverse Z-axis 10 m/min
max. feed force 15 kN
dimensions, weight:  
machine dimensions L x W x H approx. 5400 x 3200 x 2400 mm
machine weight approx. 11.000 kg
Equipment, accessories

CNC Lathe for turning of chuck parts

  • pivoting control panel
  • pressing oil full clamping cylinder make FORKARDT
  • hydraulic system make HYDROKRAFT
  • switch cabinet with cooling unit and temperature controller, make RITTAL
  • chip conveyor with tank capacity 325l, ejection right
  • 1 pc. 3-jaw power chuck
  • oil mist extraction
  • coolant system with tank capacity 600l, pump pressure Omax.=5.5 bar, flow rate
  • Q=60l/min, pump capacity P = 1.1 kW
  • Execution as chuck machine without tailstock
  • operating hours: 43956h, spindle hours: 14525