used machining centre STARRAG HECKERT

manufacturer: STARRAG HECKERT
type: HEC 800 ATHLETIC
built: 2009
control: FANUC Series 31i Model A5


Technical Equipment/Features

X-Axis (headstock cross) 1.450 mm
Y-Axis (headstock vertical) 1.300 mm
Z-Axis (table longitudinal) 1.300 mm
B-Axis (NC-rotary table) 360.000°
max. workpiece size (Ø x height) Ø1.750 x 1.400 mm
NC-rotary table:  
pallet size 800 x 1.000 mm threaded holes DIN55201
smalles increment 0,001°
reduced moment of inertia for payload 250 kgm²
max. table load in center 2.000 kg
feed, rapid traverse:  
feed range in X-Y-Z-Axis 1-60.000 mm/min
feed force in X-Y-Z-Axis 100% ED 20/18/20 kN
rapid traverse in X-Y-Z-Axis 60 m/min
rapid traverse B axis (NC-rotary table) 60 m/min
main spindle:  
diameter in front bearing 100 mm
max. power, ED 100/60% 37/45 kW
max. torque, ED 100/60% 1.230/1.500 Nm
max. speed 6.000 min-1, 2 gear steps
tool holder HSK-A 100 DIN 69893
coolant system:  
connection to central coolant supply system  
cooling lubricant unit with backwash filter  
low pressure circuit ca. 2,5 bar ca. 125 l/min
internal cooling through the spindle centre ca. 80 bar ca. 30 l/min
tool magazine, tool changer:  
tower magazine with 180 storage locations in 3 towers
15 memory locations for extra-long tools between 450 and 800 mm realized in the storage.
This reduces the total number of storage units by 15 to 165.
max. tool Ø 110 mm, secondary pitch occupied
tool holder HSK-A 100
tool  Ø with restriction 250 mm, secondary pitch free
tool length max. 450/800 mm
tool weight max. 35 kg
max. tool weight per tower 600 kg
chip -to-chip time  up to  12 kg / over 12 kg ca. 5,0 / ca. 8,2 sec
pallet change time ca. 20 sec
machine dimensions & connection data:  
space requirement ca. 8,2 x 6,0 x 4,6 m
machine weight ca. 31.000 kg
connected load 90 kW
supply fuse 160 A
operating frequency 50 Hz
operating voltage 400 V 3 AC
equipment, accessories
• 2-fold pallet changer
• 3 separate set-up stations with threaded hole pallets 800 x 1.000 mm
• tool magazine with 165 places HSK-A 100, own operating terminal on the magazine side, make SIEMENS
• NC-rotary table, increment 0,001°
• main spindle 6.000 min-1, 2 gear steps
• 3D-measuring probe make RENISHAW
• electronical handwheel
• machine enclosure with completely closed working area
• chip conveyor
• coolant unit with filter and booster pumps, internal coolant feed
• exhaust mounted on the machine cover
• program running hours approx ca. 18.200 h