used CNC horizontal boring and milling machine FPT CASTEL RED

manufacturer: FPT CASTEL
type: RED
built: 2012
control: SINUMERIK 840 D Solution Line


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Technichal Equipment / Features

The FPT CASTEL RED is a transverse travelling column boring machine with a spindle diameter of 150mm and a 25to table that can be moved longitudinally. It offers maximum flexibility thanks to the extensive range of accessories. The machine is equipped with an infinitely variable 2-axis universal milling head and an electronically controlled D'Andrea boring head Ø630mm. Both heads can be selected by control command via an automated head change system and picked up by the drilling spindle. A 60-fold tool changer for tools with SK50 holder and vertically and horizontally movable operator's stand are also part of the equipment.
working hours:
Power ON ca. 15.040. h
Program RUN ca. 5.433 h
working  hours D'Andrea UT5 ca. 288 h
working hours  NC-milling head ca. 1.443 h
working area:
X-Axis, lateral movement table 4.000 mm
Y-Axis, vertical movement spindle unit 3.000 mm
Z-Axis, longitudinal movement column 2.500 mm
W-Axis, movement quill 900 mm
B-Axis, rotary movment table 360 Grad
B-Axis, number of positions 360.000 x 0,001°
machining unit:  
quill diameter 150 mm
fixed spindle throat, length 280 mm
Smallest distance, front edge of spindle                    to table centre (2.000/2.500) -162/+88 mm
Lowest position above table surface 0 mm
Spindle taper (short taper acc. to DIN 69871) ISO 50 BIG PLUS, Form AD
Spindle power max.   55 kW
Max. torque at spindle 2.917 Nm
Spindle speed, continuously variable 5-3.000 min-1
NC-rotary table:  
- Table top made of cast Meehanite GB/GC 300 in double-walled design, thermally stabilized.
- The table rotates on a bearing ring with integrated hydrostatic pressure pockets.
This creates an effective hydrostatic bearing, which ensures maximum sliding
and eliminates the stick-slip effect, even under the greatest load. In the middle of the table
are a double row radial roller bearing and an axial ball bearing for preloading the
hydrostatic bearing ring. In this design, the system achieves maximum rigidity,
highest load capacity and maximum suppleness.
- Drive of the table top by cogwheel and preloaded double pinions.
- Gearbox in oil bath, driven by SIEMENS AC motor, 45 Nm.
- Table clamping system with automatic compensation, pressure 90 bar.
- Measuring system - high-precision rotary encoder made by HEIDENHAIN.
clamping surface 2.000 x 2.500 mm
max. turning speed 1,5 min-1
table load (max. 150 mm outside table center) 25.000 kg
T-slot width 28 mm
T-slot distance 200 mm
number of positions 360.000 x 0,001°
max. travel speed:
max. feed range for  X-Y-Z-Axis 20.000 mm/min
max. feed range for W-Axis 10.000 mm/min
B-Axis 1,5 min-1
tool magazine:
type chain magazine
number of tools 60
max. tool  Ø adjacent slots occupied 125 mm
max. tool Ø adjacent slots free 230 mm
max. tool length 600 mm
max. tool weight 20 kg
face turning head D'Andrea, UT5:  
Electronic unscrewing and planing head, Mod. UT5-630, controlled by the U-axis of the machine. Used for boring and drilling, tapping, radii production by interpolation with other axes of the machine.
face plate diameter 630 mm lateral flattened
stroke tool slide 200 mm
max. turn off diameter 1.250 mm
max. speed 250 mm
max. feed power 500 daN
manual tool change  
universal-milling head TUPC:  
Automatic infinitely variable 2-axis milling head.
A special system allows the milling head to be positioned steplessly in both axes with a resolution of 0.001°. The swivelling of the two axes is controlled by the CNC.
tool taper DIN 69871 ISO 50 BIG PLUS, Form AD
max. power 30 kW
max. torque 1.200 Nm
automatic head changing system for 2 heads:  
Automatic head changing system for 2 heads and cover plate for the drilling spindle, integrated on the left side of the machine stand. Vertically mounted, movable magazine with 3 places for automatic loading and unloading of the NC milling head and the D'Andrea Plan turning head.
moveable control panel:  
Movable control panel with motorised transverse and hydraulic vertical movement.
Vertical travel 2,000 mm, transverse travel 1,000 mm.
Complete enclosure (without roof) of the machine working area, height 3,500 mm. The chip conveyor is located between machine bed and column, ejection left.
The cabin is equipped with two sliding doors at the front of the table (each with an opening of 2,000 mm for a total opening of 4,000 mm) and two doors at the rear (one on the left and one on the right of the upright). All doors are monitored by door limit switches.
numerical control SINUMERIK 840 D Solution Line:  
- NCU 730.2 Basic, CNC user memory with 3Mbyte
- PCU 50.3 with:
Intel Pentium M Mobile 2 GHz/1Gbyte
Hard disk 40 GB
Integrated graphics 2D/3D
Operating system Windows XP ProEmbSys
2 Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
4 USB 2.0
1 PROFIBUS/MPI interface
Operator interface HMI advanced
Control panel with color display 15", 1024x768 pixel
Manual control panel with visualization of the values Mod. HT 2
Option DNC
coolant equipment:  
Internal high-pressure cooling by the tool with paper filter and adjustment by potentiometer. Device for transferring the coolant for the NC milling head.
- External coolant supply 28l/min - 4 bar
- Internal coolant supply 28l/min - 40 bar
- Tank capacity 1.200 l
The flow rate can be adjusted by means of a potentiometer or JOG keys.
installation data:
operating voltage 3~ 400/230 V
frequency 50 Hz
technical features and standard equipment:

CASTEL RED is a transverse travelling column boring machine with a table that can be moved in longitudinal direction.
The CASTEL RED offers, like all horizontal FPT machines, practical advantages such as
-Maximum flexibility thanks to the wide range of available accessories.
-Easier operator access to the working area.
-Better chip disposal.

Machine structure: stability and accuracy
•The structure of CASTEL is made of an electro-welded steel structure and integrates the upright and the cross slide in a single element. Between the four symmetrical vertical guideways, the spindle unit moves vertically.
•The column achieves the necessary rigidity to ensure accuracy and alignment and to prevent deformation during heavy roughing operations. The special symmetrical structure has a high vibration damping capacity and ensures high thermal stability.
•The column bed, which can be moved in a transverse direction, is made of an electro-welded steel structure. It is provided with hardened and ground guideways of large dimensions. The three guideways ensure high rigidity and accuracy.
•The longitudinally movable stator bed consists of an electro-welded steel construction. The feed is on two linear guides, which enable a prompt, dynamic response and ensure high positioning accuracy.
•The rotary slide table base is made of cast iron, computer designed, therefore optimally dimensioned and appropriately ribbed to ensure maximum rigidity.
•The structural dimensioning, positioning and the shape of the ribbing were determined by FEM calculations. All components were tested statically and dynamically according to the qualification plan.
All components are stabilized after rough machining to avoid internal tensions.
•The milling head is integrated into the structure of the vertical guideways to increase resistance to deflection.
•The table and machine anchoring has been designed to ensure perfect rigidity, accuracy and lasting stability of the machine geometry.

Guide ways
•The guideways and the base surfaces of the stand, stand and table beds are hardened and ground. The slideways are dimensioned to achieve maximum stability and accuracy.
•The Y- and Z-axes are moved on preloaded roller slides, the X-axis is moved on linear guides and preloaded roller slides. This allows fast dynamic response and ensures high positioning accuracy.

Axis shifting
•The machine axes are moved by means of ground and hardened precision ball screws with preloaded ball screw nuts to minimize play and to achieve low friction when positioning on all axes.
•The axis movement is by brushless AC drives.
•The standard axis designation is: X = longitudinal travel, Y = vertical travel, Z = transverse travel (column); W = drilling spindle

Weight balancing system
•The hydraulic counterbalance system on the milling head reduces inertia effects to a minimum, resulting in good positioning accuracy and smooth contouring

Milling head (spindle holder head)
•The head is made of stabilized Meehanite cast GB/300 and moves within the stand on 4 guideways. The adjustment system used provides accuracy and rigidity for any type of application.

Spindle motor
•The AC Brushless SIEMENS spindle drive (55 kW) is continuously variable with a two-stage ZF gearbox

•ISO 50 BIG PLUS spindle mount with automatic tool clamping. The axis of the drilling spindle is 900 mm and the diameter is 150 mm. The surface is completely nitrided.
•The use of self-lubricating bushes (with oil backflow) and the forced circulation of the oil in the areas of high heat generation ensure maximum thermal stability.

Cooling and lubrication system
•The cooling system cools the oil circulating around the spindle, the bearings and the gearbox for thermal stability of the head and spindle.
•This effective cooling system of the bearings allows 3000 rpm (option)
•PLC control of the drilling spindle temperature. This system allows better control of the powerful cooling system and compensation of thermal expansion.

Coolant system for the tool
•Coolant system for the tool with 1,200 litre coolant tank, pump with 4 bar pressure, delivery rate 28 litres/min.

Steel telescopic covers
•Steel telescopic covers for horizontal, transverse and vertical guideways to prevent water and chips from entering.

Basic machine with X = 4,000 mm, Y = 3,000 mm, Z = 2,500 mm, W = 900 mm
CNC-control SINUMERIK 840 D Solution Line
table clamping surface 2.000 x 2.500 mm, 25.000 kg
Quill Ø 150 mm, ISO 50 BIG PLUS
55 kW, 3,000 min-1, 2-stage ZF gearbox (NEW)
60-fold tool changer
Boring and facing head D'ANDREA, UT5-630S
Universal milling head -stepless -, TUPC
Autom. head change system
Control panel on movable platform
Complete housing without roof
Coolant system with coolant trough spindle and chip conveyor