used CNC-Bed Type Milling Machine MTE BF 5200

manufacturer: MTE
type: BF 5200
built: 2016

The flat bed milling machine BF5200 from the Spanish manufacturer MTE from 2016 is equipped with a Heidenhain iTNC530 control. The moving table with a clamping surface of
5,200 x 1,200mm and a possible payload of 14 to. offers an extremely large amount of space, even for heavy and long components.
The milling head, mounted at the front on the 1,300mm cross-moving milling slide, delivers 32kW of power at 4,000 rpm. It is automatically indexable via M-function with a pitch of
1 x 2.5 degrees in vertical and diagonal sections.
A tower mounted automatic tool changer with chain magazine and 60 positions for tools, a collision monitoring system Fabr. Brankamp and a minimum quantity lubrication system
is also included in the equipment package of the machine. The machine and control are prepared for a 4th axis.


Technical Equipment/Features

Longitudinal (X-Axis) 5.000 mm
Cross (Y-Axis) 1.250 mm
Vertical (Z-Axis ) 2.000 mm
Machine is prepared for  4th axis  


Clamping table  
Surface 5.200 x  1.200 mm
Max. table load 14.000 kg
Number of t-slots 7
T-slot size 22 H12
Distance of t-slots 160 mm


X-, Y- and Z-Axis, stepless 2 - 12.000 mm/min
Rapid traverse in X / Y / Z 15.000 mm/min
Max. feed force in X-, Y- und Z 25.000 N


Universal-milling head      
Swivel range front/rear plane 2,5 x1°   With hirth gear
Max. Drive power 32 kW from198 rpm
Max. Torque 1.520 Nm  
Speed range 0 - 4.000 min-1  

Gear stages
0 - 516 rpm
460 - 1.288 rpm
1.200 - 4.000  rpm


Oil cooled,
with automatic shifting

Tool holder ISO 50 DIN 69871 -AD  
Pull stud   DIN 69872 Form A  
Tool clamping force approx. 15.000 N  


Automatic tool changer ATC
Tool places 60 Places
Max .Tool diameter 125/250 mm
Max. Tool length 380 mm
Max. Tool weight 20 kg
Change positions horizontal and vertical


Tool spindle BIG-Plus

The tool spindle is equipped with a simultaneous taper and face contact for the tool.
When the tool is drawn into the machine spindle, contact first occurs at the steep taper.
The drawing-in force causes the steep taper to expand in the elastic range.
The tool is drawn in about 0.01mm further until the tool flange also makes contact with the spindle on the face side.
The use of standard tools with ISO 50 mounting is still possible at any time.

Further detailed technical information please find in our data sheet.