DMU 125P hi-dyn

manufacturer | DECKEL MAHO
type | DMU 125P hi-dyn
built | 2000
control | HEIDENHAIN TNC 430M

The DMU 125P 5-axis high-performance machining center from German manufacturer DECKEL MAHO is equipped with a HEIDENHAIN TNC 426/430M control. The machine has two axes in the workpiece and three axes in the tool. This enables dynamic positioning at 24 m/min in rapid traverse and secure fixing of the workpiece in the desired machining position. The DMU 125P has a spacious, cubic working area that can be loaded from above with a crane. Large, side-opening operating doors provide the operator with optimum accessibility. The traverse paths of X = 1,250 x Y = 880 x Z = 800 and the large rotary table with Ø 1,000mm allow finish machining of even medium-sized workpieces. Tools are changed automatically via a tool magazine with 120 pockets. The motor spindle with SK40 spindle mount installed in the milling head rotates up to 12,000 rpm and is connected to an internal coolant supply system with 40 bar high pressure. The milling head itself can be clamped in vertical and horizontal position. A 3D touch probe for workpiece measurement is included in the scope of delivery.


Technical Equipment | Features

Working area  
X-axis (column transverse) 1.250 mm
Y-axis (table longitudinal) 880 mm
Z-axis (vertical) 800 mm
Rotation range C-axis (rotary table) 360
Swivel range A-axis (rotary table) 75 (+45/-30)
Positioning B-axis (milling head) Horizontal +vertical


NC-swivel rotary table  
Diameter 1.000 mm
Max. table load 1.500 kg
Interference circle Ø 1.100 mm
Max. Workpiece height 500 mm
Number of T-slots (parallel) 9 pcs 18H7
Centering bore Ø 50 H6 mm


Milling spindle  
Max. power (40 % ED) 28  kW
Max. speed 12.000 rpm
Tool holder SK 40


Feeds and rapid traverse  
Feeds in X-Y-Z, stepless 20 - 10.000 mm/min
rapid traverse speed in X-Y-Z-axis 24.000 mm/min


Tool magazine  
Type of magazine Chain-type, vertical
Number of pockets 120
Tool holder SK 40


Machine dimensions  
Space requirement ca. 7,2 x 6,1 x 3,1 m
Machine weight ca. 11.900 kg
Total weight ca. 13.000 kg
Max. Installation weight 18.500 kg


Equipment & Accessories

• Control Heidenhain TNC 430M
• Former test and pre-series machine, very good condition
• main spindle 12.000 1/min
• Large operation doors for optimum accessibility
• Large cubic work area open on three sides
• Crane loading from top to above the table center
• NC swivel rotary table
• Horizontal-vertical milling head
• Chain magazine with 120 tool places, SK 40
• Internal coolant supply 40 bar
• Chip conveyor
• Electronic handwheel
• Spindle cooling unit
• Interlit compact belt filter system , type SUK 200-900 with 900 l tank volume and two coolant circutes for external and internal coolant supply
• 3D touch probe system make M&H
• Rotoclear rotating vision panel
• Machine ON: approx . 40.900 h , Spindle ON approx. 10.600 h