used Gantry-type Portal Miller TRIMILL VF3016

manufacturer: TRIMILL
type: VF3016
built: 2017

• Extremely stable, 5-axis machine, specially developed for tool,
mold and die making as well as for demanding single-part production.
• 5-sided machining in one clamping with 2-axis fork milling head.
• Designed as an overhead gantry, resulting in controlled dynamics and accuracy.
• Travel speeds up to 40,000 mm/min to increase productivity
• Closed design of the double beam and cross slide with internal, all-round guided
milling slide (box-in-box design).
• Consistently good milling results due to load and thermosymmetric design.
• Stationary workpiece for consistently good surface quality
• Very compact dimensions with large working area
• High productivity due to roughing and finishing in one set-up.
• Ergonomic operation due to ground level accessibility


EX location

Technical Equipment/Features

X-Axis (Longitudinal) 3.000 mm
Y-Axis (Cross) 1.600 mm
Z-Axis (Vertical) 1.200 mm
B-Axis (Swivel-Axis Milling Head) +/-100°
C-Axis (Rotational-Axis Milling Head) +/- 240°
design/axis concept:  
AC servo motors with digital control for all axes
Gantry drive of the X-axis
Rack and pinion drive in the X-axis, backlash-free due to electrically preloaded, water-cooled motors
2 ball screws each in the Y and Z axes
Guides of all linear axes are designed as preloaded roller guides
Hydro-pneumatic counterbalance of the Z-axis via 2 cylinders
Stationary frame components made of mineral casting, main moving components made of gray or nodular cast iron
Double beam in load- and thermo-symmetrical design, movable together with the milling slide in longitudinal direction (X-axis)
4-fold guided cross slide movable within the double beam (Y-axis)
Milling slide also guided 4 times, can be moved vertically in the cross slide (Z-axis)
Thermosymmetrical guidance of the slide, thus maintaining the linearity when travelling in "Z"
Machine table fixed on the foundation independently of the machine


feeds and rapid traverse:  
rapid traverse X-, Y- and Z-axis 40.000 mm/min.
rapid traverse B- und C-Achse 50 U/min
accelerations (X, Y and Z) 4 m/sek2
machine table:  
clamping surface 3.500 x 1.750 mm
T-slots 27 x 22 mm
T-slots spacing 125 m
max. workpiece weight 7.000 kg/m2
max. distance table to spindle nose 1.356 mm
control HEIDENHAIN iTNC530:  
Heidenhain iTNC530 with TFT flat-panel display and vertical and horizontal soft-key rows
Main operating panel with alphanumeric keyboard, machine operating panel, override potentiometers, PC key set and touch pad
HR550 FS portable radio handwheel
TRIMILL Teleservice - remote service
TRIMILL Kinematics - Automatic adjustment and control of the rotary axis kinematics (The kinematics adjustment is done with a calibration ball with the help of the 3D measuring probe)
2-axis fork milling head T21C:  
TRIMILL fork milling head T21C mounted under the milling slide with swiveling high-frequency main spindle and built-in rotary (C) and swiveling axis (B)
• Both axes with hydraulic, centric clamping (B-axis on both sides)
• B and C axes are designed as simultaneous axes
• Jacket cooling of the main spindle
• Automatic tool clamping
• Blow-off device for tool holder and tool taper
• B-Axis bearing on both sides, drive via 2 water-cooled torque motors
• Drive of C-axis via water-cooled torque motor
• Direct angle measuring systems in the C axis (incremental) and B axis (absolute)
spindle manufacturer FISCHER
speed range 10-24.000 min-1
characteristic speed 6.000 min-1
drive power (S1/S6) 42/50 kW
torque (S1/S6) 67/84 Nm
tool holder HSK-A 63
front bearing inner ∅ 65 mm
swivel range B-axis ± 100°
C-axis swivel range ± 240°
clamping torque B-axis 4.000 Nm
clamping torque C-axis 4.000 Nm
B-axis swivel torque 600 Nm
C-axis torque 700 Nm
clamping force of the spindle 18.000 N
max. coolant pressure internal/outer spray nozzles 50/6 bar
tool magazine:  
number of tool places 50
tool holder type DIN 69873 HSK A63
changing time 15-20 s
max. ∅ tool 115 mm
max. ∅ tool with auxiliary space 125 mm
max. tool length 300 mm
max. tool weight 12 kg
total mass of all tools in the magazine 400 kg


coolant and filtration unit KNOLL:  
tank capacity 1.400 l
internal cooling - pump capacity 4 kW
internal cooling - pump capacity 25,9
external cooling - pump capacity 2,2 kW
external cooling - flow rate 90 l/min
belt skimmer for oil separation  
filtration and cleaning via paper belt filter KNOLL KF200, fleece width 710mm
machine weight ca. 58.500 kg
machine main dimensions ca. 8,6 x 5,9 x 5,2 m
connection data:  
operating voltage 3 x 400 V
total connected load 90 kVA
nominal fuse protection 160 A
compressed air connection min. 6 bar
• 5-axis vertical portal milling machine in Gantry design.
• Fork milling head T21C for simultaneous milling operation with FISCHER spindle, 42kW, 67Nm, 24.000 rpm, HSK-A63
• Manually operated textile roof
• Tool changer chain 50-fold, change orientation vertical
• 3D probe for workpiece measurement
• Process monitoring system MONTRONIX incl. installed vibration sensors for detection of abnormal vibrations during the machining process.
Alarm triggering, feed rate reduction or machine stop are carried out via the control system
• HEIDENHAIN HR550 handwheel (wireless)
• BLUM LaserControl NT for non-contact tool measurement with automatic cover, enables increased process reliability through automatic form and wear control of the tools used
• Coolant system KNOLL for cooling lubrication with supply via spray nozzles and supply through the main spindle (ICS)
• TRIMILL Kinematics - application for rotary axes
• TRIMILL Teleservice - remote support
• Linear, absolute and direct path measuring systems make HEIDENHAIN in X, Y and Z axis with a resolution of 0,001mm
• Hydraulic power unit
• 1 lubrication unit for the machine
• 1 lubrication unit for the milling spindle
• 1 cooling unit for cooling the milling head
• 1 cooling unit for cooling the axis motors
• 1 pc. Air extraction unit for oil and cooling lubricant emulsion with three-stage filtering, power consumption 2.2 kW, max. extraction capacity 2,000 m³. Extraction capacity 2.000 m³/h
• 2 scraper belt conveyors, positioned along the X-axis to the left and right of the machine table, discharge height approx. 1,050mm
program hours on the machine: ca. 8.000 h