used 5-axis horizontal Table Type Borer TOS WHN 13.8

manufacturer: TOS VARNSDORF/ReTOS
type: WHN 13.8 CNC
built: 2000
control: SINUMERIK 840 D
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Technichal Equipment / Features

The horizontal boring and milling machine TOS WHN 13.8 CNC with Siemens SINUMERIK 840D control has five fully controlled CNC axes (X, Y, Z, W and B). The machine column can be moved with a travel Z = 1,250mm. The working table with a clamping surface of 1,800 x 1,800 mm has a full B axis and can take a load of 12,000 kg. The main spindle has a drive power of 37 kW and a maximum speed of 2,500 rpm. The design of all basic components of the machine in grey cast iron and the generous flat guides in all linear axes make the WHN 13.8 CNC a universal machine tool for precise milling, coordinate drilling, boring and threading of box, plate and shape-complicated cast iron, cast steel and steel workpieces up to 12,000 kg in weight.
X-axis (lateral movement table) 3.500 mm
Y-axis (vertical movement spindle unit) 2.000 mm
Z-axis (longitudinal movement column) 1.250 mm
W-axis (movement quill) 800 mm
B-axis (rotary movement table) 360°
spindle diameter 130 mm
spindle cone SK 50
spindle power 37 kW
spindle speed 10-2.500 min-1
Pull stud DIN 69871/A
rotary table:  
max. workpiece weight 12.000 kg
clamping size 1.800 x 1.800 mm
no. of T-slots 11
feed range X-, Y-, Z- axis 4-3.000 mm/min
feed range W-axis 4-3.000 mm/min
rapid feed X-axis 10.000 mm/min
rapid feed Y, Z, W-axis 10.000 mm/min
Total weight 44.000 kg
Length x Width x Height 7.826 x 7.120 x 4500 mm
Total connected load 82 kVA
  • Documentation in german language
  • Spindle cooling unit
  • coolant tank with cooling through outer coolant nozzles
    (inner cooling via cooling adapter possible)
  • electronic handwheel