manufacturer: BOEHRINGER
type: DUS 630 ti-3000
built: 2005


EX location

Offer Data

Cycle Lathe


working area
swing diameter over bed: 640 mm
swing diamter over saddle: 435 mm
turning length: 3.000 mm
adjustment face plate: 345 mm
bed width 360 mm
turning tool cross h x w 32 x 25 mm


main spindle
main spindle: size 11, DIN 55027
spindle head diam. in front bearing: 170 mm
spindle bore: 128 mm
speed total: 6-1.800 min-1
power 100/60 % ED: 19/23 kW
speed range gear step 1: 6-367 min-1
speed range gear step 2: 15-1.800 min-1
max. torque at main spindle: 1.864 Nm


feed drive
feed force longitudinal/cross: 12,5 / 7,1 kN
feed rate longitudinal/cross: 0,01 - 50 mm/U
rapid traverse longitudinal/cross max: 10/4 m/min


quill diameter: 100 mm
quill stroke: 190 mm
quill taper: MK 5


tool holder
tool holder: PARAT size 3


tool turret
8-fold tool turret SAUTER, mounted in front of center,
automatically swiveling with internal coolant supply,
tool taper DIN 69880 30 x 55.
Alternating with PARAT-holder modules.


dimensions, weight
length x width x height: 5,8 x 2,2 x 2,2 m
weight: ca. 6.500 kgs


processing cycle

turning cycle, recessing cycle, thread cycle, bore-/tapping cycle,

grinding undercut cycle, thread undercut cycle, DIN-programming cycle.



3-jaw chuck SCHUNK ROTA S 315 + ROTA S 500 , rear chuck BISON 400,
8-fold tool turret, tool holder PARAT, boring bar holder diam. 60 mm,
1 piece live steady diam. 25-160 mm, 1 piece fixed steady diam. 20-220 mm,
chip conveyor, each 15 pieces tool tapers.