manufacturer: ABA
type: ECOLINE 1207
built: 2003


Offer Data

CNC-Precision Surface Grinding Machine


grinding area
grinding length: 1.250 mm
grinding width: 800 mm
cross movement: 700 mm
grinding height: 500 mm, without magnetic plate


work piece table
magnetic plate size: 1.250 x 700 mm
table load: 1.200 kgs
table speed: 2-35 m/min
table drive: ball screw with servo motor


grinding spindle head
motor - model: DS - motor
power: 7,5 kW
grinding spindle speed max.: 1.440 min-1
spindle bearing: axial and radial backlash free
lubrication: grease permanent lubrication
grinding wheel size: 400 x 60 (100) x 127 mm





wet grinding unit with universal – paper filter unit, work room guard,
electro-permanent-magnetic chuck,
absolutely accuracy by missing action of heat, incl. magnetic force adjustment
(30 – 100%), autom. magnetic pol switching. After turning off of the magnetic disk
the existing  residual magnetism will be reduced  in the clamping plate.
Swiveling dressing unit fixed on the left side of the table
(compensation of the dressing amount).