manufacturer: ELB
type: Smart BD 10 Comfort
built: 2009
control: B&R Comfort

The surface and profile grinding machine ELB Smart BD10 from 2009 is equipped with a B&R "Comfort" controller. This control offers automatic grinding cycles for face and plunge-cut grinding in combination with graphic-supported input and a simple teach-in function. A magnetic clamping plate with a clamping surface of 1,000 x 600 mm is mounted on the working table of the ELB Smart BD10. The electric straight dresser with automatic dress compensation is mounted above the headstock. The grinding spindle is supported axially and radially backlash-free, it is driven by a frequency-controlled 10 kW three-phase motor and can accommodate grinding wheels up to 400 mm diameter and 100 mm width. A wet grinding device with coolant tank and paper band filter complete the equipment of this very well maintained machine.

EXW Kleinostheim

Technical Equipment/Features

grinding range:  
grinding length 1.000 mm
grinding width 600 mm
grinding  height (from working table on) 600 mm
table load (on magnetic plate) 1.000 kg
magnetic table:  
clamping area 1.000 x 600 mm
height about 80 mm
construction Querpolteilung
pole pitch 18 mm
weight about 361 kg
air core drilling with sinter metal use 2-rowed  
arranged in standard construction  
X-axis-longitudinal table movement:  
table clamping size 1.360 x 590 mm
table longitudinal stoke max. 1.100 mm
power X-movement hyraulic
Z-axis-vertical movement grinding disk:  
automatical cross path max. 560 mm
power Z-movment ball screw
resolution 0,001 mm
rapid max. 2.000 mm/min
Y-axis - vertical movement grinding disk:  
power Y-movement ball screw
resolution 0,001 mm
rapid max. 1.500 mm/min
electrical straight dresser:  
positioning mounted above the headstock
dressing width 1-105 mm
diamond vertical adjustment max. 80 mm
diamond taper MK 0
dresser diamond 0,75 Karat
incl. automatic compensation  
grinding spindle head:  
motor-version DS-Flanged motor
power 10 kW
grinding spindle speed 1.000 - 3.000 min-1 three-phase current
spindle bearing axial and radial back-lash free
grinding spindle size 400 x 100 x 127 mm
ELB grinding programm "Comfort":  
• Grinding function surface grinding
• Grinding function infeed grinding
• Grinding function ECO-grinding (combined plunge and surface grinding)
• Grinding function each with stored automatical grinding cycle
• Easy handling for manual and automatical grinding
• Digital positioning display
• Display of currenty settings
• Automatical dressing incl. dressing compensation
• Graphic-supported input and teach-in function
• Electro-Permanent-Magnet clamping plate 1.000x600mm
• Wet grinding device with coolant tank, tank capacity 360l, coolant pump,
power 52l\min., splash water protection, coolant nozzle with mounting
• Universal -paper filter unit, filter paper width 710mm, cleaning power 80l\min.
• Electronic straight dresser
• Magnetic plate supply faciltiy with adheshion force regualtion (30 – 100%)
• Internal flushing incl. spray gun
• Machine light