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Gear Grinding Machine GLEASON PFAUTER PE 1600 G

Our gear grinding machine GLEASON PFAUTER P2.800/3.200 G with Siemens Sinumerik 840C control and PFAUTER dialog program
is especially designed for the flexible production of high-quality large gears.
It has a raised main column with an axial travel of 1,600 mm.
Workpieces up to a diameter of 2,800 mm outside and 3,200 mm inside and a module of 32 mm can be grinded on the machine.
The machine table has a hydrostatic radial bearing and can carry a maximum permissible load of 30 tons.
An internal grinding head type I2 is included in the scope of delivery.
Developed and built by the renowned manufacturer GLEASON PFAUTER, this profile grinding machine for cylindrical gears is equipped with super special precision.

Detailed technical data of the used milling centre can be found here: Technical Data GLEASON PFAUTER PE 1600 G

We invite you to watch a video of the profile grinding machine GLEASON PFAUTER PE 1600 G

used profile grinder GLEASON PFAUTER PE 1600 G workpiece diamter until 1.600 mm

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