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  • Gebrauchte CNC Maschine

Fleckenstein Werkzeugmaschinen aktuell


CNC 5-axis-High-Speed-Machining Centre FIDIA K 199

Typical area of application:

  • three-dimensional milling on high speed
  • scanning of models with storing of tool path
  • three-dimensional measuring

5-axis-milling head M5A/55-24 and main spindle

Design of turning- and tilting head allows constant adjustment of working spindle in space.
Rotation of A-axis and C-axis takes place via brushless motors and is transmitted by encoders which are mounted directly on the axis.
The control regulates the alignement of the head by constant interpolation and compensates the position of tool centre according to the spindle inclination.
The two swivelling axis A and C can be locked by hydraulically controlled devices in any position.

The milling center was renewed in 2019 with the following original spare parts from the machine manufacturer:
- Both ball screws incl. bearing of the Z-axis (vertical)
- Ball screw drive incl. bearing of the X-axis
- Complete bellows cover of the working area

You are welcome to visit the FIDIA K 199 in our rooms in Kleinostheim under power.

Detailed technical data of the used milling centre can be found here: Technical Data FIDIA K 199

used 5-axis High Speed Machining Centre FIDIA K 199 with FIDIA C 20 control

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