used 5-axis-Universal Machining Center REIDEN RX 18

manufacturer: REIDEN
type: RX 18
built: 2018
control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 640

Our 5-axis machining center RX18 from Swiss premium manufacturer REIDEN Technik AG was designed for the highest demands in metal cutting.
A very stable structure in gate design with generously dimensioned guides enables highest cutting volumes with minimum machine wear.
The powerful and proven REIDEN milling head with patented dual drive concept (DDT) enables solid angles from -15° to +105° with only one head axis due to its special arrangement.
With the current HEIDENHAIN TNC640 control including dynamic collision monitoring (DCM), the machine performs operations in simultaneous milling mode with up to 5 axes.
The workpiece no longer has to be clamped horizontally. The workpiece position in space is detected by means of a 3D measuring probe and the machine kinematics are automatically swiveled to the appropriate plane.
With traverse paths of X = 2.200 x Y = 2.200 x Z = 1.610mm, the RX18 has a very large working area.
Tools are changed automatically via a tool magazine with 304 places.
With a maximum table load of 4,000kg, a pallet size of 1,200x1,400mm and a hole grid of 100mm for zero-point clamping systems, even large components can be clamped safely on the NC rotary table.
A connected automation solution with production control computer, 2 setup stations and 12-fold pallet storage enable the minimization of non-productive times and the first step towards 24/7 automated production.


Technical Equipment/Features

X-Axis (Milling head cross) 2.200 mm
Y-Axis (Table group longitudinal) 2.200 mm
Z-Axis (Milling head vertical) 1.610 mm
C-Axis (NC – rotary table) 360,000 °
A-Axis (Milling head swiveling) -15 to + 105 °


NC- Rotary table    
Pallet size 1.400 x 1.200 mm
Max. speed 10 U/min
Perforated pallet 130 x Ø 16 F7 100 x 100 mm Hole pattern
Smallest partial step 0,0001 °
Oscillating circuit (limited) 2.200 (2.2600) mm
Max. Table load centric 4.000 kg


Further detailed technical information please find in our data sheet.